LynnCo helps you proactively manage your suppliers, holding them accountable to maintain a dynamic and dependable supply chain. We enable you to get your materials to the right place at the right time.
  • you could increase confidence in the availability of
        critical materials?
  • you could proactively head-off production scheduling delays due
        to late or inaccurate deliveries?
  • you could reduce inventory carrying costs by greatly reducing
        buffer stock?
At LynnCo, we understand that the availability of raw materials is key to a fine-tuned operation. We empower you to be as productive as possible by minimizing production delays and unnecessary costs due to incorrect order fulfillment and late deliveries. By governing supplier performance, your inbound supply chain network can move as smoothly as possible.
With LynnCo’s system of advanced shipment notifications, fulfillment validations, and purchase order integrity checks, you'll know where materials are at any given time so you can anticipate problems and never be surprised.
Dependable materials availability starts by putting controls in place that ensure suppliers are filling and releasing orders as expected. LynnCo’s Supplier Accountability solution provides the knowledge and visibility needed to proactively manage suppliers and eradicates inventory levels typically used to protect against production disruptions.