Jae Whang

Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions

Jae Whang has well over a decade of experience working in the Transportation and Logistics fields.  His knowledge base extends through multiple sectors that include military, 3PL operations, truck load, less than truck load, residential/commercial deliveries and private industry. 

Mr. Whang's career commenced with multiple years of military service in the US Army.  Since then, he has assumed multiple senior management duties including Senior Operations Manager, Director of Logistics, and Carrier Management.  Mr. Whang is an expert in supply chain management, IT and system integrations, carrier procurement and dedicated account management.  He is a firm believer in leveraging all aspects of technology to enhance today's work force.  His leadership perspective is based on core principals of respect, integrity and teamwork that were formed during his personal experience in the military.

Mr. Whang received a B.A. from Bridgewater State College and is a member of the National Defense Transportation Association.
Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions