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  • How Could AI Impact Procurement?

    by Wendy Buxton | Jul 19, 2018
    As artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to disrupt all aspects of supply chain management, more procurement managers recognize the potential power of machine learning, business intelligence, and cognitive systems. Learn more.
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  • Go Green: Warehouse Sustainability Efforts

    by Wendy Buxton | Jun 25, 2018
    By putting the right steps in place and committing to their efforts, warehouse leaders and facility managers can employ greater green initiatives, achieving more sustainable warehousing and the resulting benefits. An added bonus: These benefits can extend beyond a happier planet to a healthier bottom line.
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  • How to Plan for the Hurricane Season Ahead

    by Wendy Buxton | Jun 11, 2018
    Summer is here: Flowers are in bloom, the air is warmer, and hurricane season looms ahead. What lessons have past storms taught business leaders and supply chain managers about hurricane preparedness and logistics continuity?
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